Vineyard Design and Consulting

2800 Jefferson Street
Napa, California 94558
Phone (707) 253-1806
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Vineyard Design Erosion Control Plans for new and replant vineyards

Permitting Services – for new and replant vineyards, agency permits and grading plans

Engineering Services - including hydrology, hydraulics, grading and rural road design

Mapping & GIS Services - for vineyard support and marketing

Vineyard Layout Services – planning, design and grid staking

Surface & Subsurface Drainage Systems – for new and replant vineyards

Feasibility Studies – for new vineyards

Surveying – for topographic, design and construction surveys

Construction Services – including staking and oversight

Water Development – reservoirs, water storage tanks and (coming soon) irrigation design

Farm Plans for Compliance with the Vineyard Waste Discharge Permit – for Napa River and Sonoma Creek watersheds